coronavirus legal questions

Welcome to the Cornerstone Law Firm Coronavirus Legal Resource Page. This page exists to answer commonly-asked legal questions that have arisen out of the crisis surrounding the COVID-19 virus. If your question isn’t answered below, drop us a line at Please note that emailing us does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Employment Law

Can I test my employees for coronavirus? Am I allowed to require that they get a doctor’s note before returning to work? In this video, we discuss the EEOC’s new coronavirus guidelines for employers on how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act in dealing with coronavirus.

When business have to lay off employees, severance agreements are usually part of the package. Should you offer your employees a severance agreement? And should you sign one as an employee? In this video, we tackle COVID-19 severance agreements.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Do I have to pay my rent while we’re all on coronavirus lockdown? As a landlord, can I still evict tenants? A lot of rumors are flying around about this, so in this video, we talk about whether you still have to pay your rent.

Martial Law and the Constitution

A lot of people are asking whether the government has the power to shut down businesses and confine people to their houses. In this video, we talk about how far the government can go in shutting down business and prohibiting public gatherings. What is martial law, and can the government impose it on you?

In this video, we talk about the First Amendment and whether government’s actions restricting gatherings will pass scrutiny in court. We also answer questions about whether rumored crackdowns on “fake news” about the virus would be constitutional.

What are Governor Wolf’s emergency powers in Pennsylvania? The Governor has declared a state-wide emergency, and has taken up powers given him by statute for such emergencies. What can he do and not do? This video explains the limits of his powers.


This video is specific to Pennsylvania, where Governor Wolf has ordered all “non-essential businesses” shut down. What is an essential business in Pennsylvania, and what risks do you run by staying open?

If you’ve entered into a contract to finish a project by a certain date but now can’t due to coronavirus, what are your legal options? Can you defend a breach of contract action? In short, you may have two defenses to consider: “impossibility” and “frustration of purpose.” In this video, we discuss how to defend a breach of contract if coronavirus made you breach.


Am I entitled to a partial refund from my college or university due to coronavirus? Can I have my student activity fees and dining hall fees refunded? In this video, we discuss whether students have a right to partial reimbursement of fees and tuition dollars due to lockdown from coronavirus.

And what about private schools and daycares? Do you have to keep paying your child’s tuition during the coronavirus pandemic? Are you entitled to a partial refund? In this video, we talk about how to appropriately approach your school’s unique situation involving online classes and the fees you’re asked to pay.

Open Courts

Yes, you can still file lawsuits during coronavirus lockdown, and now is as good a time as any to pursue your legal rights. There is always a delay at the start of a lawsuit for service and the filing of an answer by the Defendant, so filing now can allow the clock to start ticking on getting relief.