A photo of solar panels under a blue sky.

Solar Panel Installation Fraud

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely been approached by a solar panel salesman at your home or over the phone trying to sell you on the benefits of “going solar.” While the opportunity to eliminate your electrical bill sounds good on…
A photo of the Berks County Courthouse and some surrounding buildings

Cornerstone Attorney Successfully Wins Six-Figure Judgement for Berks County Contractor

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On Wednesday February 1, 2023, Attorney Joel Ready received a favorable verdict from a Berks County jury on behalf of one of our clients. The client was suing a homeowner who failed to pay a substantial bill for work done on their house. The…
Farmland on a sunny day

Eminent Domain: Theirs for the Taking?

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We might be cheering when traffic circles are installed to curb accident occurrences or when roads are widened to accommodate an increase in traffic. Over time, country fields can give way to schools and public parks as a result of growing populations.…
A room in the middle of renovations. Ladders and levels lean against the wall.

HICPA and the Hiccups of Home Repairs

Home repairs and renovations can be costly and time-consuming. While some work on your home can be a breeze to have done, other work comes with the stress of ever-changing deadlines and busted budgets. No one needs the added stress of a contractor…
A room being prepped for painting. There's a bucket of paint, some painters tape on the wall, a paint roller leaning against the wall, and a ladder.

When a Contractor Doesn’t Finish the Job

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Cornerstone Law Firm offered a legal tip to Redfin on how to handle things when a contractor doesn't finish a home renovation project. "If you find yourself in a situation where a contractor has not performed as agreed upon, you have legal…
Construction helmets hanging on a construction site

Construction Litigation

One of the most commonly litigated issues in America is construction. Whether it’s because a construction company failed to do the work that was promised, did the work inadequately, or because of buyer’s remorse that causes a customer to…