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Transferring Your LLC

A Limited Liability Company, or LLC, is a corporate entity that protects your legal liability when making business decisions. But what happens if you want to move or expand your business to another state? Whether you are relocating and wanting…
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The Right to Reputation in Pennsylvania

In the Pennsylvania Constitution, the right to reputation is listed among other rights like life, liberty, possession of property, and the pursuit of happiness. While the exact reason for including this right is unknown, it is clear that the…
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Franchising v. Licensing: An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

For those wishing to start a business and work for themselves, there are a number of perplexing decisions that have to be made right up front. One of the most important decisions that you will have to face is whether to license a product, service…
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Making Your Band into a Brand: Does Your Band Need an LLC?

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While it’s not strictly necessary, an LLC can help your band. Whether you’re rocking out with your audience in a packed concert or recording a new song in a quiet studio, there are certain risks and responsibilities your band may encounter.…
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Liquor Licenses in Pennsylvania: A Uniquely Valuable License

Ever since the introduction of prohibition in America, alcohol has been subject to unparalleled legal controls. The passage of the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution reflected the growing national mood around alcohol—namely,…
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Cornerstone Attorney Successfully Wins Six-Figure Judgement for Berks County Contractor

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On Wednesday February 1, 2023, Attorney Joel Ready received a favorable verdict from a Berks County jury on behalf of one of our clients. The client was suing a homeowner who failed to pay a substantial bill for work done on their house. The…
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3 Ways to Protect your Company’s Intellectual Property

When you have employees sign agreements with your company, it’s important that you keep in mind how those agreements contribute to protect intellectual property. As a general rule, employers who employ someone to work at their company do not…
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Cheated Out of Commissions

If you’re in sales, you know the unique challenge of living and dying by your sales number each month or quarter. Working hard to continue to impress your employer and avoid the “What have you done for me lately?” mentality is part of…
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Who owns an LLC?

Limited liability companies are one of the most important tools available to business owners to keep their assets safe. Forming an LLC under Pennsylvania law provides protection against creditors and provides clarity of ownership in case an…