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Oley Valley Students Settle First Amendment Lawsuit

Every American has the right to free speech under the First Amendment. That’s why Cornerstone Law Firm is glad to announce that our clients, three students in the Oley Valley School District, have had their voices heard in their recently settled lawsuit. We worked with the students to bring a lawsuit against Oley Valley School […]


How Much Time Do I Have to Answer a Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been served with a lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court, you generally have about 30 days to respond to the Complaint (more on that below). You have only 21 days if you are sued in federal court. The first documents that you file in court are extremely important because your failure to raise certain […]


Three Risks for Small Businesses

If you’re a business owner assessing risks and legal problems, there are three concerns that should be at the top of your list. Appropriately preparing for these risks can help you to avoid drawn out litigation and financial catastrophe. 1. Ownership disputes Unfortunately, small businesses are more prone to ownership disputes and corporate freeze-outs than […]


Quiet Title Action in Pennsylvania

A “quiet title action” is a type of lawsuit that establishes who is the rightful owner of a certain lot of real estate. Quiet title actions are sometimes brought between amicable parties trying to nail down once and for all where boundary lines or easements are, or they can be hotly contested fights to prove […]