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What to do when a Process Server Serves You with a Lawsuit

What happens if a process server shows up at your house? In Pennsylvania, this is usually a sheriff. Sometimes, if you’re in federal court, it can be a private party who shows up and serves you with some paperwork. To watch a brief video by a Pennsylvania civil lawyer, click below. Or read on for […]


Oley Valley Students Settle First Amendment Lawsuit

Every American has the right to free speech under the First Amendment. That’s why Cornerstone Law Firm is glad to announce that our clients, three students in the Oley Valley School District, have had their voices heard in their recently settled lawsuit. We worked with the students to bring a lawsuit against Oley Valley School […]


How Much Time Do I Have to Answer a Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been served with a lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court, you generally have about 30 days to respond to the Complaint (more on that below). You have only 21 days if you are sued in federal court. The first documents that you file in court are extremely important because your failure to raise certain […]


Can landlords garnish wages in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania allows landlords to garnish wages from their tenants in certain circumstances. There are limitations set by both state and federal law. Wage garnishment can help landlords to collect money from legal judgments as long as they stay within the parameters of the law. What is wage garnishment? Wage garnishment is a means by which […]


Americans With Disabilities Act Claims in Employment

What do you do if you have been discriminated against based on your disability at your job? Does your job have to accommodate your disability? Are they required to change their policies and procedures to allow you to do your job? These are the subjects of today’s blog post. The Americans With Disabilities Act was […]


Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights

Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights Many people are familiar with the protections afforded by the Bill of Rights to the federal Constitution. Fewer may be aware that Article 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, known as the Declaration of Rights, also provides broad protection of rights and liberties. Grounded in the belief that “All men are born […]


What do you do with a Notice to Defend?

When you have been served with a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, one thing that you commonly see on the front page is something that is called a “Notice to Defend.” A Notice to Defend is a one or two page document directed toward the defendant in a civil lawsuit that warns you to respond quickly. It […]