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What is the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact?

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC) is an agreement between states established to protect wildlife resources. Originally created in 1989, IWVC created standards for states to follow when a non-resident violates wildlife laws in that state. States that are members of IWVC are permitted to treat people who commit violations as if they were state residents rather than bogging down local law enforcement with arresting, booking, and bonding these individuals.

IWVC also created a channel for states to inform other member states when a violation has been committed. Because of this, individuals can be held accountable in their home state, as well as other member states. So, if you were to commit a hunting violation in another state and that state revokes your hunting license, it will also be revoked in your home state.

Member states can also honor revocations from the individual’s home state. In Pennsylvania, if you are charged with a hunting violation and your hunting privileges are revoked, the state will give other member states an Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact Notification. This means that Pennsylvania will inform other member states that you do not currently have hunting privileges in Pennsylvania. Should you choose to hunt in another state during the time of your revocation, you will need to contact that state’s fish and game department to determine if you are eligible for hunting in that state. Under IWVC, this applies to a revocation of hunting privileges, furtaking privileges, and fishing privileges.

Who is a member of IWVC?

All 50 states in the United States are members of IWVC.

Does this apply to both hunting and fishing licenses?

While Pennsylvania has separate licenses for hunting and fishing, some states combine those into one license. If you have committed a hunting violation in Pennsylvania and you attempt to obtain a fishing license from a state with a combined license, your hunting violation may bar you from being able to obtain the combined license.

Call Cornerstone Law Firm for help.

If you’ve been charged with a hunting violation, your hunting privileges may be at risk. Pennsylvania can revoke your hunting license for up to 3 years for any hunting violation. Cornerstone Law Firm has experience in defending hunters’ rights. Call us today to set up a consultation about your hunting case.

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