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Motorcycle Crash Attorneys in Berks County, Pennsylvania – Cornerstone Law Firm

Motorcycle Crash Attorneys in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania – 610-926-7875 If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the personal injury lawyers at Cornerstone Law Firm can help you. In Reading, our traffic is notoriously bad, and riders know that careless drivers can change a life in a moment. Injuries from a […]


Cornerstone Law Firm – Lawyers in Hamburg, PA

The Cornerstone Law Firm is proud to offer attorneys to Hamburg, PA for all your legal needs. Whether you need a lawyer for a personal injury suit, wrongful death, criminal defense such as a DUI or other crime, estate administration or any of our other practice areas, the Cornerstone Law Firm’s attorneys can help you […]


Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Lawyers

Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Fleetwood, Pennsylvania is a quaint town, a small and warm community. When it snows, it looks like the Bedford Falls of It’s a Wonderful Life, and some say there’s a reason for that–Jimmy Stewart is among Fleetwood’s most famous visitors due to his friendship with a local. For many years, Fleetwood was a […]


Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have been arrested for a crime, it is urgent to find a criminal defense lawyer who can defend you against the criminal charges. At Cornerstone Law Firm, our criminal defense team can help sort through the charges against you and find your best legal defense. If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer […]


6 Benefits to Limited Liability Companies

What is an LLC, and why should you get one? LLCs are a powerful and flexible corporate form that provide incredible opportunities and protection for business owners. Even if you’re a small business, an LLC can provide a platform to grow and protect your business—and if you’re large, it’s definitely time to look at the […]