Car Accident Attorneys

A group photo of the personal injury team at Cornerstone Law Firm, with 3 attorneys and 2 paralegals.

Motor vehicle accidents can be life altering. Whether it’s a truck or car crash, a bus wreck, a motorcycle collision, or another type of motor vehicle, accidents of this kind can result in painful injuries, lost work, and stress. Fighting an insurance company to receive proper compensation can add to the stress of an already difficult time. The personal injury attorneys at Cornerstone Law Firm are here to help.

Personal injury attorneys can help alleviate the stress of contacting the party in the wrong and dealing with insurance companies. We can assist you in getting the payment to which you are entitled to cover medical costs, pain, suffering, and any lost wages incurred after the accident. We have experience with all sizes of motor vehicle accidents, from million-dollar plus wrongful death cases to minor fender benders.

Don’t let insurance companies take you for a ride. Call the personal injury lawyers at Cornerstone Law Firm today.

Steps to take After a Car Accident

Due to the nature of car accidents, it can be difficult to remember everything you should do when one happens. Download our Car Accident Flyer so you can follow the steps and receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

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