Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Fleetwood, Pennsylvania is a quaint town, a small and warm community. When it snows, it looks like the Bedford Falls of It’s a Wonderful Life, and some say there’s a reason for that–Jimmy Stewart is among Fleetwood’s most famous visitors due to his friendship with a local. For many years, Fleetwood was a car-manufacturing town with the Fleetwood Metal Body Co. in the early 1900s. General Motors bought out the company in 1931, and the Cadillac Fleetwood was produced for a few years as an homage.

Today, Fleetwood’s businesses include FM Brown’s Feed Mill, which makes grains and supplies some of the major pretzel manufacturers in “Pretzel City USA,” (Reading, PA). Just outside of Fleetwood Borough’s limits rests Richmond Township, where a large community of Mennonites still reside and farm.

Attorney Crossett lives in Fleetwood with his wife and kids, and loves the natural beauty of the area. He is involved in his church, Fleetwood Bible Church, and in other community events.

Lawyers in Fleetwood

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