A notary stamp lying on a document

Does it have to be Notarized?

We are often asked by clients whether it matters if a certain document is notarized. Under Pennsylvania law it is a very rare circumstance that a document must be notarized. The reason a notary stamps a document is to confirm that the signature…
Farmland on a sunny day

Eminent Domain: Theirs for the Taking?

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We might be cheering when traffic circles are installed to curb accident occurrences or when roads are widened to accommodate an increase in traffic. Over time, country fields can give way to schools and public parks as a result of growing populations.…
A photo of two people sitting at a table and signing a contract.

Contract Basics: The Pen Actually Can Be Very Mighty

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You would be hard-pressed to find an adult in the United States who never has signed a contract. You rent an apartment; you sign a contract. You enroll your children in daycare; you sign a contract. You borrow money for school; you sign a contract.…
A jeep parked on a snowy lane

Peer-to-Peer Carsharing: A Sunday Drive or a Nightmare Ride?

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Not all side hustles are created equally, but they all come with serious considerations. Of course, the first consideration for most is financial. After all, the whole point is to supplement your income. The upside must be worth the investment…
An aerial shot of the Berks County Courthouse and surrounding buildings in Reading, PA.

Occupational Licensure Defense and Appeals

Pennsylvania requires a licensure for a number of professions including nursing, inspecting cars, running a day care, cutting hair and many more. If a government agency is threatening your license to work, you have a right to counsel to defend…
A sitting room in a rental home

Short-term Rentals & Long-term Headaches

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Having a side hustle is becoming more and more popular by the day, and many people sure could use some extra income. This is why companies like Airbnb and VRBO have become so profitable. If you can take a current asset like your house and use…
Faded black and white photo of Cornerstone's conference room, along with the Cornerstone Law Firm logo and the words "August 2022 Recap"

August 2022 Review

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This month the attorneys at Cornerstone Law Firm have been busy with: landlord/tenant actions all over the state personal injury cases that are settling and going to court insurance disputes contractor fights a trade secrets…
A meeting between some contractors and a lawyer about business litigation.

Business litigation in Lehigh County

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When it comes to running a business, every experienced entrepreneur knows that it’s only a matter of time before a great idea well-executed will meet with conflict. Whether it’s a competitor making false claims about you, a large customer…
People pointing at a chart in a business meeting
Someone signing an operating agreement

What Should go in Your LLC’s Operating Agreement

Limited liability companies in Pennsylvania are organized by filing with the department of state. But the most important document that an LLC’s owners sign is the operating agreement. The operating agreement serves the same function that bylaws…