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Status Hearings in Criminal Cases

Status Hearings in Criminal Cases If you are checking the docket in your criminal case, you may see something called a “Status Hearing.” These hearings are also sometimes referred to as “Call of the List,” or occasionally, “Disposition Dates.” These are all generally referring to the same thing, although different counties sometimes have distinctions between […]


Armando Ortega Not Guilty on Homicide Charges

After a week-long trial in the Berks County Court of Common Pleas, Defendant, Armando Ortega, was found not guilty on all homicide and assault charges after a jury concluded that he was not present at the scene of a murder that happened in 2014. Ortega was charged a year ago with homicide in the first […]


Does a Treatment Plan Effect my Drug or Alcohol Charges?

When you’re facing drug or alcohol charges, getting treatment is important not just for personal and health reasons, but also as a piece of an appropriate defense. Charges involving addiction include possession of marijuana or methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia, DUI (driving under the influence), and other possession-type charges. Being able to show that you are taking […]