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When a relative is killed in a car accident, a motorcycle crash or in other circumstances that were not their fault, their loved ones can find a Wrongful Death lawyer in Berks County, Pennsylvania to file suit for the financial damages they’ve experienced as a result of the victim’s untimely death. If you love someone who died unexpectedly in an accident in Berks County, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, you may already be facing calls from insurance companies and a mess of unwanted details. The Cornerstone Law Firm exists to help people in situations just like yours.

Pennsylvania law allows the victim’s husband or wife and children to recover in the event of the victim’s sudden death as a result of someone else’s negligence, recklessness or intentional wrongdoing. This includes when someone dies in a car crash, a bus accident, or a motorcycle accident, and it applies whether the family member who died was a driver or passenger in the car or bus. When someone you love is killed wrongfully, a wrongful death action allows you to recover financial payment from an insurance company or other responsible party for the pain and suffering of your loved one, for their untimely death, and for the pain of those left behind after their death.

What can a Wrongful Death lawyer in Berks County do to help you?

It is important to remember, especially in the case of car or motorcycle accidents, that the other party who acted negligently is usually insured. Berks County residents, like all Pennsylvania residents, must be insured to drive cars on the road for this very reason—because victims of car accidents must be protected. This means that the wrongdoer may have an insurance company that is obligated under the laws of Pennsylvania to make payment to the injured party, and the deceased loved one will also have an insurance company obligated to make payment. The insurance companies may call victim’s family members after a car crash to talk to them about the death, and may ask invasive questions about the loved one who died. An attorney can put a stop to these calls and questions immediately, and can offer a buffer between the victim’s family and friends and the insurance company looking for a way to limit their liability.

In addition, insurance companies will negotiate tough with family members. With an attorney in your corner, you can expect a better settlement, and less personal pain and stress as a result.

At Cornerstone Law Firm, we don’t charge you for a wrongful death action until you have recovered from the responsible parties. It is free to meet with us, free to share your concerns, and free to tell us how we can help you.

All of this is true whether you are here in the Reading area in Berks County, or if you are in another county in Pennsylvania. If the accident occurred in Pennsylvania, then Pennsylvania law applies, and the Cornerstone Law Firm can help you. Call us today to discuss your case with someone who cares.


If you have lost a loved one recently, you may still be reeling from the emotional loss and all of the overwhelming and unwelcome details that come with a loved one’s death. At Cornerstone Law, we solve problems for individuals who have lost a loved one in an untimely way by taking the stress of dealing with an insurance company and pursuing parties responsible for the wrongful death. We are also sensitive to your needs, and to the emotional strain that these situations present. Based here in Berks County, just outside of Reading, we’re a local Firm of attorneys who care about you and want to see your rights protected.

Please call us today for a free discussion of your rights, and to see how we can help you during a difficult time. Whether you’re in Berks County or somewhere else in Pennsylvania, we can help you sort through everything that needs to be done.