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Jurisdiction: Can they sue me here?

When you’ve been sued, a number of thoughts can rush through your head. How can I resolve this case? How can I get rid of the claims that I’m facing? Do I have the ability to sue the other side back? As important as all of these questions are, one of the first questions that […]


Insurance after a car accident

After a car accident, one of the most difficult things to figure out is whether your insurance or someone else’s insurance has to pay for the medical bills you’ve accumulated. Even if your insurance is paying for your bills, it can be tough to know if their “offer” to settle the case is sufficient. When […]


End of August

It’s been a busy month at Cornerstone Law Firm. Attorney Crossett spent a week in a trial in Berks County over unfair trade practices, and also successfully brought several insurance claims to favorable conclusions. He has been advising a company on compliance with state regulations, and is defending several federal lawsuit. Attorney Ready achieved a […]


What is an amicus brief?

An amicus brief is a legal document filed with a court by an organization or group that is not a formal party to an action, requesting a particular outcome. An outside group can petition the court for permission to be recognized as an amicus curiae—a “friend of the court”—who can help the court in its […]


Constitutional Litigation

Constitutional Litigation In situations where the government is abridging the rights or the privileges of citizens of the United States, constitutional litigation is frequently the citizen’s only recourse. This is true whether the government doing the oppression is the local, state or federal government. Whether it is the civil rights of an individual, excessive taxation, […]


What is a Writ of Summons in Pennsylvania and how should I respond to one?

What is a Writ of Summons in Pennsylvania, and how should I respond to one? A Writ of Summons is an unusual mechanism in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that allows a Plaintiff (the individual or company who is bringing a lawsuit) to start their lawsuit against a Defendant without filing a Complaint. Typically, lawsuits begin […]


6 Benefits to Limited Liability Companies

What is an LLC, and why should you get one? LLCs are a powerful and flexible corporate form that provide incredible opportunities and protection for business owners. Even if you’re a small business, an LLC can provide a platform to grow and protect your business—and if you’re large, it’s definitely time to look at the […]