The Cornerstone Law Firm is proud to offer attorneys to Hamburg, PA for all your legal needs. Whether you need a lawyer for a personal injury suit, wrongful death, criminal defense such as a DUI or other crime, estate administration or any of our other practice areas, the Cornerstone Law Firm’s attorneys can help you face your legal challenges.

Our clients come to us with a variety of issues. Some clients have been in car accidents or motorcycle crashes. Others have been accused of crimes. Still others are starting businesses or nonprofits. In all of these cases, Cornerstone Law Firm is able to help our clients in the Hamburg area, as well as in the rest of Berks County, to realize their goals and assess their risks.

Located here in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the Cornerstone Law Firm’s attorneys regularly practice in Hamburg before the Magisterial District Court, and also serve as attorneys in Reading before the Court of Common Pleas. Whatever your legal needs, we welcome you to contact us to discuss them today, and to determine what approach is right for your case.