Kutztown’s name has been spread far and wide by its foremost business—the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. But Kutztown is more than just a college town. The Dutch community that first settled in Berks County spread out over the land that William Penn sold and gave to various settlers. Kutztown’s farming community has long been known for industriousness and strength.

Kutztown University (KU) is a large, state school with beautiful grounds, majestic buildings, and of course, the “Angry Chicken” on Old Main. The Borough of Kutztown boasts some of the best eating in the county, and the quality of the food is matched only by the creativity and branding of the restaurants.

Our attorneys serve the Kutztown community in several ways. We help students who have run into trouble with local law enforcement, reaching out to officers and compromising charges and otherwise defending them in court. We help local businesses grow by drafting contracts, forming LLCs and giving advice on day-to-day corporate activities. We help families with real estate problems, and we do estate planning and administration.

We love Kutztown, and we love to solve problems. Contact Cornerstone today to let us know how we can help you.