Occupational Licensure Defense and Appeals

Pennsylvania requires a licensure for a number of professions including nursing, inspecting cars, running a day care, cutting hair and many more. If a government agency is threatening your license to work, you have a right to counsel to defend yourself and to fight for your right to continue working.

When the government says your license is suspended or revoked, it can feel like you are guilty until proven innocent. The process can be complicated, and it can be very difficult to get clear information from the government agencies that govern your licensure. Depending on which license you have, sometimes you face suspension or revocation before you even have the chance to attend a hearing. Pennsylvania law also permits certain licensing boards to compel a licensee to submit to mental or physical examination as part of their investigation. In some cases, your hearing might be before an administrative law judge or hearing officer who is not particularly experienced in the field in which you are licensed. Their uninformed opinion of your situation can result in a permanent black mark against you if you do not act quickly.

Fortunately, you have a right to appeal any such determination by any board in Harrisburg. These appeals can go to the Court of Common Pleas of the county in which you live or to the Commonwealth Court. Every process is a little different, but all licensure appeals processes should give you the chance to challenge the case against you. In putting on your own defense, you have the right to present evidence, to hire expert witnesses who can testify that you have met all the appropriate licensure standards, and to have an attorney examine the Commonwealth’s witnesses.

In some cases, you might be limited in your appeal to presenting the evidence you presented at your first hearing, so it is important to have an attorney involved from the outset. Furthermore, an attorney can help you determine which evidence will strengthen your case and present it in a clearer light. Depending on the type of licensing issue, you can ask the Commonwealth agency attempting to suspend or revoke your license to temporarily stay that decision so that you can work while the appeal proceeds. This is important because some appeals can take several years to be heard. Obviously, you will want to work while the appeal goes forward.

If you are facing a licensure suspension or revocation, call the attorneys at Cornerstone Law Firm so that we can help defend you and protect your license.