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Hunting Offenses in Pennsylvania

Here are the key takeaways from this article: Your hunting privileges can be revoked for any hunting offense. Game Wardens and Judges do not have to tell you in advance about the revocation. If you are charged with a summary 1, 2 or…
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Legal Things to Know Before Investing in Rental Properties

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With the rise of the DIY movement and the expansion of the mobile workforce in the U.S., investors are clambering to purchase rental properties. Whether they are rehabbing and flipping properties or buying them and turning them into rentals,…
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August 2022 Review

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This month the attorneys at Cornerstone Law Firm have been busy with: landlord/tenant actions all over the state personal injury cases that are settling and going to court insurance disputes contractor fights a trade secrets…
A room being prepped for painting. There's a bucket of paint, some painters tape on the wall, a paint roller leaning against the wall, and a ladder.

When a Contractor Doesn’t Finish the Job

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Cornerstone Law Firm offered a legal tip to Redfin on how to handle things when a contractor doesn't finish a home renovation project. "If you find yourself in a situation where a contractor has not performed as agreed upon, you have legal…
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Reading Real Estate Lawyer

When you need a lawyer in the Reading area who handles real estate there are a few things that you should consider. Berks County offers investors diverse real estate options that range from large farms to townhomes in downtown Reading. Here…
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Can I legally fly a drone in Pennsylvania?

With the rise of inexpensive drones (or Unmanned Aircraft Systems, known as UAS), the number of remote pilots is growing by the day. If you live in Pennsylvania, can you operate a drone legally? What drone regulations in Pennsylvania should…
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May 2021 Update

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May 2021 has been filled with trials and advanced litigation for the attorneys of Cornerstone Law Firm. On the civil side, attorney Joel Ready spent time litigating a partnership dispute in Lehigh County court, giving advice to several businesses…
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Injured in a car accident in Berks County, Pennsylvania? Here's what to do

When you have been injured in a car accident in Berks County, what steps should you take to protect yourself? Dealing with an insurance company can be very difficult and having your case prepared properly is very important. Here are three steps…
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Four steps to take when you’re served with a false Protection from Abuse Order

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Protection from Abuse Orders, or PFAs, are the mechanism that Pennsylvania uses to protect someone claiming to be the victim of domestic violence. Some states refer to this as a “restraining order,” but in Pennsylvania, the concept is strictly…
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January 2021 Update

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Attorney David Crossett has continued working through personal injury claims for car accident victims in Reading, Pennsylvania this month. Speaking of clients who are concerned about whether their car insurance was sufficient during a car accident,…