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Six Dos and Don'ts when Getting Sued

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Knock, knock! The Sheriff shows up at your door and hands you papers. “You’re being sued,” he quietly explains, and perhaps asks you to sign something noting you were served. As you close the door behind you, a number of thoughts may drift…
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What is a bankruptcy creditors meeting?

It sounds a lot worse than it is—a meeting of all your creditors with the chance to ask you questions under oath. A meeting of the creditors, also known as a 341 meeting or a section 341 meeting, is a formal meeting that occurs in the context…
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Can filing for bankruptcy save your home from foreclosure?

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Filing for bankruptcy can provide a homeowner with a way to save their home from foreclosure. When a homeowner files for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put into effect, which temporarily stops most collection actions, including foreclosure…
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Seeking an Amicable Divorce by Working with the Same Attorney

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Welcome to Family Law Tip of the Week, a regular series on our blog where we offer tips on how to go through divorce and custody disputes in an amicable way. Divorce should always be a last case resort but if you are going through it, we want…
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What is the credit counseling requirement of bankruptcy?

The credit counseling requirement is a crucial part of the bankruptcy process. Before an individual can file for bankruptcy, they must complete a credit counseling session with an approved agency. This requirement applies to both Chapter 7 and…
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Liquor Licenses in Pennsylvania: A Uniquely Valuable License

Ever since the introduction of prohibition in America, alcohol has been subject to unparalleled legal controls. The passage of the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution reflected the growing national mood around alcohol—namely,…
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Dangerous Dogs in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania’s Dangerous Dogs Statute aims to take the bite out of potentially dangerous encounters with canines. A common misconception about dogs is that only certain breeds of dogs pose a threat of serious bodily injury, or that a dog must…
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Three Things To Do When Your Nonprofit is Financially Struggling

Is your nonprofit organization at the point where you are considering winding it down and you are not sure what to do? Do you have any options about how to use the money in the accounts and the assets that you own in order to preserve the nonprofit?…
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The Purpose of a Home Study in a Custody Dispute

When you’re fighting for custody with the other parent of your child, you will be introduced to many new terms and pieces of the legal process. One of these is called a “home study.” Often in a custody case, you’ll be asked by your lawyer…