Appellate Attorneys in Berks County

At Cornerstone Law Firm we pride ourselves in being able to offer outstanding appellate work and amicus support to our attorney clients who do not wish to take their own case up on appeal for one reason or another. Appellate work is naturally a very technical and specialized line of legal work. Sometimes the space that comes from having someone else handle your appeals is helpful as an attorney. An appellate attorney can review the record, see where you may have made mistakes or where the other side made mistakes. We also work with trial attorneys who wish to remain involved in the case to an extent but prefer to have someone else handle the unique difficulties of briefing deadlines and specific rules regarding font sizes for briefs and other unusual requirements.

The attorneys at Cornerstone Law Firm have experience writing briefs and handling cases at virtually all levels of both the State and Federal system. “Appellate practice is much more generalized” says Attorney Ready. “Many attorneys do not realize that most of the judges on the Appellate Courts are there for their general knowledge of the law, and not as a specialized practitioner. They’re more interested in how the specific case before them works into the general fabric of Pennsylvanian or American law than they are in how it works within the realm of the specific area of law.”

Attorney Crossett agrees: “In appellate courts, the Judges’ questions will often center around comparisons to other areas and why this particular rule should or should not exist.” As a result, hiring generalized appellate attorneys like those at Cornerstone Law Firm allows your client to benefit both from your specialized knowledge of your practice area and the appellate attorneys’ understanding of the unique path to appellate victory.

Whether you have lost a ruling at the Court of Common Pleas or Federal District Court that you believe you should have won or have won at the lower Court and the other side is appealing, Cornerstone Law Firm’s attorneys provide the expertise and experience to know how to provide you with a strategic defense or offense on appeal.