A woman signing a short certificate

What can I do with a short certificate?

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When you obtain a short certificate for an estate, what does it empower you to do? The short certificate is the document granted by the Register of Wills in a county to the Executor of an estate. The Executor, having named and granted these…
An employer shaking hands with an employee

3 Ways to Protect your Company’s Intellectual Property

When you have employees sign agreements with your company, it’s important that you keep in mind how those agreements contribute to protect intellectual property. As a general rule, employers who employ someone to work at their company do not…
A photo of the Lebanon County and City Building

Victory for Attorney Eric Winter

Yesterday in Lebanon County Attorney Eric Winter won a jury trial on an assault case on behalf of one of our clients. The case had lingered for nearly a year before the jury trial occurred and involved claims of domestic violence between a girlfriend…
A pile of United States money, including 20 dollar bills, a 5 dollar bill, and a 10 dollar bill.

Cheated Out of Commissions

If you’re in sales, you know the unique challenge of living and dying by your sales number each month or quarter. Working hard to continue to impress your employer and avoid the “What have you done for me lately?” mentality is part of…
A woman's hand pointing to a document held by another woman

Who owns an LLC?

Limited liability companies are one of the most important tools available to business owners to keep their assets safe. Forming an LLC under Pennsylvania law provides protection against creditors and provides clarity of ownership in case an…
A lawyer holding a mediation for two people

Mediation in Personal Injury Cases

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When you’ve been injured by someone else’s mistake, the long legal process that follows with insurance and lawyers can feel frustrating. Getting your injuries treated, dealing with medical bills and health insurance, and talking with an…
A photo of the Cornerstone Law Firm lobby with the Cornerstone Law Firm logo overtop and the words "September 2022 Update"

September 2022 Update

This month Cornerstone Law Firm has added two new lawyers to our team. Craig Browne joins our firm to assist in general litigation, contract drafting, document review and more. Attorney Browne’s background includes substantial writing, motions…
A judge pounding a gavel on a sound block

Pardon Me, But That Never Happened

Every year, the Governor of Pennsylvania receives hundreds of pardon recommendations from his pardon board. Dating back more than two centuries in our Commonwealth, a pardon is the mechanism by which an offender is freed from the burdens of…
A notary stamp lying on a document

Eric Winter joins Cornerstone Law Firm

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Cornerstone Law Firm is pleased to announce the addition to our team of Eric Winter. Attorney Winter is highly regarded in the legal community and has several decades of experience handling a broad range of administrative law, criminal cases,…
A notary stamp lying on a document

Does it have to be Notarized?

We are often asked by clients whether it matters if a certain document is notarized. Under Pennsylvania law it is a very rare circumstance that a document must be notarized. The reason a notary stamps a document is to confirm that the signature…