Intern With Us

A group shot of the Summer 2023 interns at Cornerstone Law Firm.

Who are we?

We are general practice law firm in Berks County Pennsylvania with the motto: We Solve Problems. We are client-focused and driven to provide top-notch legal services in our smaller market. Our attorneys combine decades of experience across the following practice areas and many more:

  • Civil Matters
    • Landlord tenant disputes
    • Employment matters
    • Estate planning / estate administration
    • Personal injury
    • Civil rights
    • Business formation
    • Real estate transactions
  • Criminal Matters
    • Traffic citations
    • Drug charges
    • Harassment
    • Aggravated assault
    • Murder
  • Family Matters
    • Protection from abuse petitions (PFA)
    • Divorces
    • Custody disputes
    • Name changes
    • Adoptions

Who are you?

You are interested in the legal field and are driven by a desire to learn. Our staff is smart, curious, and passionate about solving problems for our clients. We have hosted interns from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and are always looking for talented, enthusiastic interns who are seeking to learn.

Meet Our Interns

Hear from our some of our interns about why they chose to intern with Cornerstone Law Firm:

A headshot of intern Jake Dellicker

My name is Jake Dellicker, and I am returning for a second year with Cornerstone Law Firm as an intern. As a rising senior studying philosophy at Grove City College and speaking in a true philosophical frame, I believe it is important to know how to think first and develop skills later.

I have always had a keen interest in the legal field. Ever since I was little, I have been known to play devil’s advocate and can sometimes rub those closest to me the wrong way with my need to argue everything. All this aside, I do genuinely believe that law is a critical field of study to enable everyone to navigate the complex legal system. In both criminal and civil matters, everyone deserves representation and has the right to utilize the legal system as established by both the constitution and the states. Even for those who commit horrendous crimes, a legal defense is entirely necessary, and I would rather ten guilty men go free than one wrongfully accused.

Why did I come back for a second year? Simply put, I had a great experience working with a great staff that shared many of my same values. Truly the attorneys I worked with embody the line from my favorite poem “If” where they can “walk with kings – [but not] lose the common touch.”  While last summer was unusual at times, each person in the office genuinely took an interest in me and my development, not just as someone with aspirations for a future in law, but as a person. They trusted me with responsibility from day one and challenged me to work in situations where I myself did not feel up to the task. I gained a wide slew of experience ranging from paralegal work, to deposition interviews, to jury selection and a weeks long trial. Each experience helped me to better evaluate my future in law, which I hope to further assess this summer.