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Yes, you can still file lawsuits during coronavirus lockdown

With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing, many businesses and individuals are asking, “Can I still file a lawsuit while the courts are closed?” In this video, we explain the pros and cons to filing a lawsuit while courts are closed, and why it’s still in your best interest to get your case moving. There’s […]


Oley Valley Students Settle First Amendment Lawsuit

Every American has the right to free speech under the First Amendment. That’s why Cornerstone Law Firm is glad to announce that our clients, three students in the Oley Valley School District, have had their voices heard in their recently settled lawsuit. We worked with the students to bring a lawsuit against Oley Valley School […]


How Much Time Do I Have to Answer a Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been served with a lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court, you generally have about 30 days to respond to the Complaint (more on that below). You have only 21 days if you are sued in federal court. The first documents that you file in court are extremely important because your failure to raise certain […]


Schuylkill County Attorneys

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. At Cornerstone Law Firm, we’re proud to provide legal representation for personal injuries, criminal charges, family law, civil lawsuits and much more. Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania is a place as unique as its spelling. From our namesake river, the Schuylkill, […]


Slander on Facebook

The new age of social media has made it possible to communicate with a broader audience than ever before. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others, it is now possible for us to gather all of our professional and personal acquaintances into one place and communicate with them simultaneously. But, as anyone who […]


Video: 5 Legal Tips for New Contractors

Video: 5 Legal Tips for New Contractors Starting out as a contractor can be intimidating, especially when it comes to the legal issues your business may face. We know that most contractors prefer to do what they love—building, renovating and helping customers—not dealing with contracts and legal issues. So in this video, Attorney Joel Ready […]


The Importance of Putting it in Writing

One of the most common causes of legal disputes is the failure to get an agreement, however small, in writing. Today, on the Cornerstone Law Blog, we want to tackle why it is so important to put your thoughts in writing when you and a friend or business associate are agreeing to a contract. To […]


Time, Place and Manner Restrictions on the First Amendment

In previous posts, we have discussed the importance of the First Amendment. We have also discussed that speech is not always just speech — it can also be conduct. Today, we are going to talk about legitimate government restrictions on the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. One such restriction established in case law […]


Contract Cases in Federal Court

When your business is sued in federal court, it can be a strange and surprising experience. A common question that we receive from business owners is, “How can my business be sued in federal court over a contract? Isn’t federal court just for crimes and serious litigation?” How it Works In most cases, federal cases […]