Yellow Penske truck in a parking lot

Penske Truck Rental” by Mike Mozart. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Penske Trucks

If you have ever purchased a truck from Penske and have run into problems, you will need to hire an attorney in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Penske contracts contain a clause that requires that any suit be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The Penske truck empire has been built out of Reading, Pennsylvania for decades. It started as a family business and has grown from there to a large corporation.

In recent years, Penske has begun selling off older trucks in their fleet. After leasing these vehicles for a period of time around the country, they sell the older ones to buyers. Unfortunately, some of these trucks have mechanical problems that only become clear after purchase. Penske trucks that have a problem with workmanship or maintenance have in turn resulted in disputes between Penske’s home office’s used sale division and the buyer of the truck. Because Penske has several divisions, these different divisions sometimes point at each other when trying to resolve problems.

In these cases, the buyer should retain an attorney in Berks County, Pennsylvania to negotiate a resolution, or if necessary, to bring suit against the various Penske entities involved. In cases where the damages are less than $12,000, the suit can be filed in small claims court, known as the Magisterial District Court in Pennsylvania. In larger cases, the suit must be filed in the Court of Common Pleas or, in extreme cases, in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Our attorneys have negotiated many settlements for buyers with Penske, and we’re familiar with many of the issues involved in these cases. Our attorneys have experience in negotiating these claims and in helping to resolve them with the right people at Penske corporate office. If you have an issue with a truck you purchased from Penske, or otherwise need to bring suit, contact the attorneys at Cornerstone Law Firm for a consultation and to discuss your next step.