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Berks County Lawyer David W. Crossett Joins Cornerstone Law Firm as Newest Partner

The Cornerstone Law Firm is thrilled to announce the addition of Berks County lawyer David W. Crossett, Esq. as a Partner in the firm. Mr. Crossett brings years of litigation experience and success in the courtroom to Cornerstone’s litigation practice. “We’re thrilled to have Mr. Crossett join us as a partner in the firm,” Attorney Joel Ready says. “His work ethic and legal acumen are matched only by his integrity.”

Mr. Crossett’s track record includes defending clients in multi-million-dollar business disputes, successful personal injury claims of over a million dollars, and complex litigation over property interests, including one case involving Reading Railroad (of Monopoly fame). Mr. Crossett’s work in the courtroom extends beyond financial success for clients, however, and includes significant victories for clients’ civil rights and religious freedom. “Our Constitutional system of government will not defend itself,” Attorney Crossett explains. “I believe in improving our legal system and in defending individual rights, and I’m proud to join a firm committed to those principles.”

Mr. Crossett attended Regent University School of Law in Virginia, where he graduated third in his class and served as an Editor of the Law Review. Mr. Crossett received the prestigious Blackstone Fellowship from the Alliance Defending Freedom before moving here to Berks County to begin working as a lawyer. You can read more about his background and accomplishments by viewing our attorney bio page.

Cornerstone Law Firm, LLC is a litigation boutique firm in Blandon, Pennsylvania, but offers licensed representation throughout Pennsylvania, as well as in Maryland, New Jersey and Alaska.

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